Soundtrack is a fundamental component of any successful advertising film. Regardless of which is developed first, it is essential to ensure that the two fit together and pursue a common goal. From sound design to mixing and mastering, composition, and recording, Lighthouse-prod offers to take care of all steps of the process, in order to develop the perfect audio illustration.

After having listened carefully to your concept and your suggestions, we experiment and propose several solutions. We believe that masterpieces are rarely the product of a single mind, and we give great importance to creative collaboration and the exchanging of ideas.

Sound design consist in the manipulation of sound objects in order to produce a particular effect. A staple process of cinema and TV production, sound design is an art that cannot be improvised. Regardless of whether we are working on a feature film or on an advertising clip, we strive to create a sound environment that will propel your film to the top of the class.

Audiovisual communication is nowadays the number one choice for expressing and diffusing ideas and messages. Operating in strict collaboration with Artaban.tv, we're fully equipped to produce advertising clips, short and feature films, and to offer soundtrack and sound design services.

Have you ever wished that your songs would sound as professional as those of your favorite artists, but cannot obtain the same audio quality, or do not dispose of the right mastering equipment? We have the solution: please refer to our Studio section for details.

A remix can enrich a song with new perspectives; it can help it reach a new audience or allow it to fit into a different environment. We have successfully remixed songs by artists such as The Police, Data, NoFx, The Rambling Wheels, Beta, and many others. Guide us and allow us to experiment – the results will blow you away.